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If you want to launch a dating app with a Tinder-like feel to it but have it customized to meet your brand standards, this offer is for you.

What is is about?

What we will give you is an iOS app plus setup services, redesign services, and integration with a powerful backend.

The app is based on Sparker dating app template. Users swipe left or right to pass or like other users. If two users like each other, they match and can start chatting in the app.

The Sparker template features Facebook login, chat system, and much more:

- View people nearby

- Anonymously swipe left to pass or right to like

- If both people like each other, it is a match

- Fully integrated chat system, one can only chat with matches

- Upload up to 6 pictures to one's profile and add a short bio

- Filter the people by age, gender, and distance

- Make In-App-Purchases to enable premium features

- Premium Feature: Rewind — Get the 'passed' person back

- Premium Feature: Passport — Match with people from anywhere in the world

- Premium Feature: Unlimited Likes — Free users have their likes limited, premium users have no limit

- Users receive push notifications when they get a new match or a message

Sparker can be customized, reskinned and uploaded to the App Store under your name. It is written in Swift 2 and supports iOS 8 and iOS 9.

You can view the app in action here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/sparker-dating/id1082026309

This is what you get:

- installation and setup by our team
- design modifications to match your brand guidelines
- connecting the app to the multi-functional backend that is based on the PG Dating Pro software

Please note that in order to publish the app in the App Store, you will need to create a developer account with Apple. It costs $99 per year, payable to Apple.

You will also need to be registered as a Facebook developer in order to be able to activate the Facebook login feature. It is easy to sign up though and does not cost extra. We can assist you with the signup and activating the app.

Contact us in the live chat or leave your comments in the Comments section on this page to let us know your thoughts!

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