High load optimisation service

Производитель Pilot Group Experts Team

260000 руб.

With High load optimisation, you will be able to offer the services of your dating website to dozens and hundreds of thousands of users, and build up as you go.

Site performance is crucial when it comes to content and communication, and on dating sites, people view a lot of content and communicate a lot. Search results come up with hundreds of profiles, and every user uploads pictures and videos to his/her page. Instant communication is also a must-have requirement for online dating, be it a text chat or a video conversation.

The High load optimisation service includes:

- dedicated server
- site maintenance
- server maintenance

Let's say you want to be able to welcome 10,000 guests simultaneously online on your site.

1. We pick a dedicated server that will best suit your requirements (including location), set it up (web server Nginx + Apache, database parameters, data caching, etc.).
2. Then, we will perform the stress testing.
3. If required, we will also maintain your system during its life cycle.
4. As you continue to grow, we will scale the system on multiple servers.

Please contact us with your desired load and receive a free estimate.

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