Мобильное приложение для Android add-on

Производитель PilotGroup.NET

6435 руб.

Dating Pro mobile application offers the main functionality of a fully-featured dating website, including friends and messages, search and search results, profile and account settings, and site services. Designs can be rebranded.

The following features are available:
- Landing page
- Sign up form
- Login form
- Personal profile page
- Search form and search results
- Member profile pages and photos
- Instant messenger
- Multiple languages support
- Photo gallery

Dating Pro mobile app in the Google Play Store

Dating Pro team can submit your app to the Play Store for free if you own a Business or a Premium package of the Dating Pro software. Subsequent app submissions will cost extra. The approval may take up to 2 weeks and longer. You can also post your app for approval yourself, we will provide you with the APK file.

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