Dating component for your site add-on

Производитель Pilot Group Experts Team

46800 руб.

If you have a social networking site or any other site and would like to add a strictly dating component to it, then PG Dating Pro is the right solution!

We will add a new section (a new menu item) to your current website called Dating or whatever you want to name it. The new section will refer your site users to a dating component which is a Dating Pro-based site with its features and integrations.

The current user database and all new members who register on your website will be automatically synchronized with the dating component so once a person enters this new section, their profile will already be there. The user can start exploring the dating options.

All the media uploads will be synchronized too. You decide whether it will be just a profile picture or all media content.

Please note that a Dating Pro license is also required. Please view the available licenses on the pricing page.

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